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BOE looks at policy for naming new school

CHRISTAN M. THOMAS • May 17, 2007 at 11:51 AM

KINGSPORT - The Kingsport Board of Education may soon begin the process for naming the new elementary school to be located in the Rock Springs community.

During their regular monthly work session Thursday, the BOE reviewed the policy by which new schools are named.

"It appears we're on track to have the occasion to name a school," Superintendent Richard Kitzmiller said.

Under the current policy, elementary schools are to be named in honor of former presidents of the United States. Buildings must also be named in honor of a person who has been deceased for three or more years. The policy also states that the board may put together a committee to recommend a name and may take recommendations from school or community groups.

Board members discussed soliciting suggestions and reasoning from the public on the subject.

"I think the quicker the better on this," said BOE member Wally Board. "Using current policy, it's probably going to come down to two or three names."

The system staff and the BOE hope to have a definite process in place by June 3.

Other policies reviewed included school nutrition services payments - concerns with students owing for "charged" meals - and cell phone usage.

In other business, KCS Director of Federal Programs Ed Abbott presented the board with the system's Federal Program Consolidated application for the 2008 fiscal year. This application includes all titles under the No Child Left Behind Act - Title I, Part A; Title II, Part A; Title II, Part D; Title III, Part A; Title IV, Part A; and Title V, Part A - through which KCS can apply for funds. These funds are used to support various programs across the system including initiatives in schools considered "high poverty," professional development activities, technology, and English as a Second Language instruction.

According to the report presented by Abbott, preliminary numbers indicate Kingsport schools' total allocation for the 2007-2008 school year will be approximately $2 million. All allocations except Title III, Part A, have been reduced.

For more information on these programs visit www.ed.gov.

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