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Trial draws interest of CourtTV

DEE GOODIN • May 15, 2007 at 12:00 PM

JOHNSON CITY - While there is no huge vehicle with the CourtTV logo on the side, there is a huge sport utility vehicle towing an equally huge trailer parked next to the Jonesborough Courthouse.

Numerous cables line the floor of the side entrance to Jonesborough's criminal courtroom, leading straight to the cameras of CourtTV and the events surrounding the trial of Bradley Mullins, 19, 116 Spring City Drive, and David Phillips, 39, No. 1 Creston Court. The two are charged in the death of Telford teenager Cortney Hensley as well as the severe injuring of her best friend, Courtney Beard of Erwin.

For John J. Alleva, an attorney as well as a field producer for the nationally broadcast television show, his job takes him all over the country and beyond.

After having a private practice for six years, Alleva said he "stumbled" on the opportunity to work for CourtTV.

His most notable assignment lately has been covering the Anna Nicole Smith hearings in Florida.

"We have a team of trial trackers," Alleva explained. "Each is assigned to a particular region of the country, and they relay information about cases to my bosses."

After taking copious notes throughout the trial, Alleva says he then sends that information back to New York with suggestions of what particulars should be used.

Before the trial is over, Alleva said he would interview all of the "players."

Asked why CourtTV was interested in the Mullins-Phillips trial, Alleva said he was not in charge of choosing which trials to cover."I could strictly speculate," Alleva said. "This unfortunate accident affected so many lives and is such a tragic situation for not only the victims' families but the defendants' families as well."They didn't want to kill anybody."

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