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Senate votes to ban Lottery's video-based games in Tennessee

Associated Press • May 9, 2007 at 11:36 AM

NASHVILLE - The Senate on Wednesday passed a bill aimed at eliminating video-based lottery games in Tennessee.

The bill sponsored by Senate Finance Chairman Randy McNally, R-Oak Ridge, came in response to the introduction of Tennessee Lottery games like Hot Trax Championship, an auto racing-themed game that allows players to choose winners in a randomly generated animation.

"You can bet up to 10 drivers, you can bet varying amounts, you can bet what order they come in at," said McNally. "And these games are played every five minutes."

Hot Trax prizes range from $1 to $25,000, depending on how closely the finishing order is predicted by the player.

McNally said the state lottery could continue to run the Hot Trax games until the contract with the vendor expires, but it would be banned along with all similar games in the future.

"This was our effort to close the door of the barn, even though some of the cows had escaped," McNally said.

The measure passed 25-0, with seven Democrats abstaining.

An attorney general's opinion requested by McNally earlier this session found that the Hot Trax game did not violate the lottery rules set up by the Legislature.

"It was our desire not to get into some of the casino type games, and although the attorney general ruled that this is not a casino-type slot machine, it's certainly bordering on it," McNally said. The companion bill has yet to be scheduled for consideration in the House Government Operations Committee. The bill is SB1993.

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