Fitness center visit doesn't work out for patron charged with public intoxication

Jeff Bobo • Feb 20, 2007 at 10:42 AM

ROGERSVILLE - You can't get arrested for DUI while riding a stationary bicycle.

But you can get arrested for public intoxication if that stationary bike is located in a Gold Star Fitness center.

Rhonda Sue Solomon, 43, 300 McNeil Circle, Mooresburg, learned that firsthand Thursday night at Gold Star Fitness in Rogersville.

According to a report filed by Rogersville Police Department Officer James Hammonds, Solomon drove to the health club Thursday evening for a workout. Some of the other club members offered her a ride home because they suspected she was intoxicated.

When Solomon refused a ride home, the police were called. Hammonds said Solomon smelled of alcohol and appeared "very intoxicated" when he arrived at the health club about 8 p.m.

"When I arrived on the scene she was attempting to ride the stationary bicycle, and her feet kept slipping off the pedals," Hammonds told the Times-News Monday. "I asked her if she'd step out and talk to me so I could check on her, and she became very irate and upset. She had come up there to work out, and several of the members had offered her a ride home because they could tell she was in no condition to be driving.

"When she got off the bicycle she was staggering and bouncing around, and she went up to the front desk. She was real upset with the people who worked there."

Hammonds said he gave Solomon an opportunity to avoid arrest. Although witnesses said Solomon had driven to the health club, legally he couldn't charge her with DUI.

"I gave her the opportunity to call somebody to come get her so she could go home, and she wouldn't have any part of that," Hammonds said. "I couldn't let her drive herself home, so I arrested her for public intoxication."

Solomon spent about seven hours in jail before being released. She is scheduled for arraignment in Hawkins County Sessions Court on Feb. 28.

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