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Property transfers

Staff Report • Feb 5, 2007 at 11:09 AM

Recorded at Sullivan County Courthouse Recorded Nov. 8

Recorded Nov. 9

Recorded Nov. 13

Recorded Nov. 14

Recorded Nov. 15

Recorded Nov. 16

Recorded at Hawkins County Courthouse Recorded Jan. 19

Recorded Jan. 22

Recorded Jan. 23

Recorded Jan. 24

Recorded Jan. 25

Recorded Jan. 26

VIRGINIA Recorded at Scott County Courthouse Recorded Jan. 22

Recorded Jan. 25

Recorded Jan. 26


Recorded at Sullivan County Courthouse Recorded Nov. 8

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Earl S. Sumpter Jr. and wife to James Scroggins and wife and other, district 4, unit 604, RaceDay Center Condominiums, $293,902.

Recorded Nov. 9

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Patsy S. Kirby and husband to Tony R. Vaughn and wife, district 13, 0.263 of an acre, $600.

Cleo Carrier to Michael B. Shelton and wife, district 11, 0.272 of an acre, $130,814.

Doyle Varvel and wife to Shannon S. Smithwick and Tina B. Smithwick as co-trustees of the joint revocable living trust of Shannon S. Smithwick and Tina B. Smithwick, district 20, lot 3, Lake Point Estates, $81,000.

Judith Anderson Herbert as devisee under the will of Clara Anderson to Allen E. Crumpton and wife, district 11, 10,500 sq. ft., $110,000.

Loy E. Hall to Peggy H. Rasnake and husband, district 11, lot 36, block 182, Bays View Subdivision, quitclaim.

Bedford W. Bonta and wife to Bernard E. Martin, district 20, lot 6, Boonewood Estates Subdivision, $430,000.

Melissa Gray and husband to Jeff Gray, 0.345 of an acre, quitclaim.

Brandon W. Carroll and wife to Carroll's Construction, LLC, district 18, 7.824 acres, quitclaim.

Lorie A. Smith to Michael Thomas Smith, district 8, 2.787 acres, quitclaim.

Donna Jean Hughes and others to Christopher L. McCain and wife, district 11, 7,500 sq. ft., $54,500.

Timothy Cloud to Deborah Cloud, district 20, 0.86 of an acre, quitclaim.

Gerald D. Montgomery to Carl J. Montgomery and wife, district 10, 7,500 sq. ft., $15,000.

First Property Development Corporation to Walter N. Kirby and wife, district 13, lot 15, Laurelwood Planned Development, phase I, $32,000.

Geraldine Baker Craddock and Judy Baker Jones to Robert W. Lawson and Bryan T. Gast, district 16, lots 11, 12, 13 and 14, block 2, J.B. Kimmery Addition, $150,000.

Recorded Nov. 13

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Irvin Stanley Walden Sr. to Irvin S. Walden Sr. as trustee of the Irvin S. Walden Sr. Revocable Living Trust, district 11, lot 1, block E, Monte Vista Hills, quitclaim.

Olivia DeLoach Baker to Patrick J. Kane, district 11, lot 17, block 279, Fox-Run, section 2, $357,500.

Coba Harold Horton to Thomas Edward Horton and wife, district 11, lot 1, block 1, Mountain View Addition to Kingsport, $115,000.

Anthony Tim Jobe and wife to Ross Blankenbeckler and wife, district 18, no description given, $37,000.

Jerry H. Williams and wife to Jessica Nichole Luchini, district 16, lots 1 and 2, Heath lots, $50,000.

Eastman Credit Union to William R. Cody and wife, district 11, lot 17, block 3, T.A. Coley Subdivision, $55,500.

James J. Struck to Jason Pratt and wife, district 12, lot 4, block D, Patton Heights Subdivision, quitclaim.

Johnny A. Sampson and wife to Tony C. Shelton, district 10, no description given, $54,000.

Billy W. Berkley and wife to Gerald M. Jenkins and wife, district 3, 0.41 of an acre, $139,900.

Peggy L. Bevins to Michael Jackson and wife, district 5, lot 13, block F, section II, Maple Hill Estates, $227,000.

Linda B. Blevins to Randall E. Blevins, no description given, quitclaim.

Richard L. Blevins and Randall E. Blevins to Richard L. Blevins and wife and Randall E. Blevins and wife, district 14, parcel 1: 0.98 of an acre; parcel 2: 1.46 acres; parcel 3: 0.59 of an acre; parcel 4: 1.06 acres, quitclaim.

TJW to David Crockett and wife, district 4, lot 11, Fox Meadows Subdivision Phase One, $30,000.

Recorded Nov. 14

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Shahrzad Ann Burrill and others to Charles E. Boardman and wife, district 7, no description given, $93,000.

Gregory T. Noe and wife to Tuan Tran, district 10, lot 15, block B, section 1, Wedgewood, $22,000.

James Howard Griffith Jr. to Tammy L. England and Karen Griffith, district 10, 0.285 of an acre, $111,700.

Recorded Nov. 15

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Albert E. Moretz Jr. and wife to Delores L. Anshutz, district 4, lot 107, Apple Lake Phase I, $178,000.

Susan E. Blevins and others to Larry L. Blinn and wife, district 11, lot 6, block 3, Litz Manor Addition, $81,885.

Harold Linville Benton and wife to Vicki Hall, district 8, 0.643 of an acre, $165,000.

James Larry Hilton and wife to Kelly Weaver, district 11, lot 20, Indian Springs Subdivision, $195,000.

Frank H. Morrell and wife to Stephen E. Morris and wife, district 16, lot 6, Morrell lots, $23,500.

Hans Peter Gaugl to Clifford Gilbert, district 4, lot 5, Lakeshore Estates, $160,000.

David L. Rose to E Travis Wood and wife, district 7, lot 4, Old Island Residential Community, phase 1, $395,000.

Ralph B. Hawkins and wife to Rachel Livesay, district 7, lot 6, Ralph Hawkins property, quitclaim.

Keena R. Rhoten to William A. Rhoten, district 11, lot 7, block 10, Dorna Court, quitclaim.

William Edward Sluss to Thomas R. Vest and Alice M. Grizzel, district 14, lot 64, Chesterfield Place Subdivision, $290,000.

David W. Moore to Travis D. Leming and wife, district 7, 0.59 of an acre, $17,300.

David W. Moore to Charles M. Shell and wife, district 7, 0.68 of an acre, $19,900.

David W. Moore to George S. Walling and wife, district 7, 0.81 of an acre, $23,800.

David W. Moore to Michael W. West II and wife, district 7, 1.33 acres, $39,000.

Leslie D. Montgomery and wife to Scott David Cowan and wife, district 14, lot 53, Steeplechase Subdivision, section 2, $206,000.

U.S. Bank National Association as trustee to Jerry Wayne McCue, lot 4, block A, Plaza Heights Subdivision, $81,900.

Donald R. Salley to Jerry Wayne McCue Jr., district 12, lot 6, block A, Plaza Heights Subdivision, $83,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Robert Bortz, district 12, lot 4, block B, section 1, Mid-Fields Addition #2, $87,600.

Chad E. Austin and wife to Mack H. Roberts Sr. and wife, district 11, lot 3, block 11, Dorna Court, $110,000.

Steve Arnold Jr. to Brad E. Moore and Ashley B. Moore, district 10, lot 1, block B, Pleasant Hills, $63,200.

M&I Bank to Dorothy J. Gilliam, district 11, lot 46, Gibson Addition, $51,500.

David Arp and wife to Jeffery Allen Kiser, district 10, lot 65, A.M. Bowman Subdivision, quitclaim.

Recorded Nov. 16

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Chad Bacon and wife to James Bradley Thompson and wife, district 7, lot 19, block B, Warrior Falls Subdivision, phase I, $415,000.

Recorded at Hawkins County Courthouse Recorded Jan. 19

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Patterson Homes LLC to Karen A. Elkins, district 9, lot 7, Christian, $39,000.

Kevin Cornell and Paula Cornell to John Henry Manis, district 3, 0.39 of an acre, part of Kevin Cornell property, $5,250.

Kevin Cornell and Paula Cornell to Nancy M. Wright and Russell N. Wright, district 3, parcel of land, no description, $120,000.

Jamey K. Lane and Lori A. Lane to Landon Roberson and Pam Roberson, district 9, lot 2, King, $26,000.

Recorded Jan. 22

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Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) to Terry Joe Harrell, district 2, 9.06 acres, $115,000.

Lee Anspaugh to Investors Cartel Incorporated, district 2, 37 acres, lots 10 through 12, Spruce Pine Grove Estates, C.C. Vaughn Estate Division, quitclaim.

Roberta Lynay Gibbons to Clifton Sizemore, district 1, 0.385 of an acre, part of lot 8, E.N. Hilton Estate, $3,000.

James V. Alshouse and Wanda F. Alshouse to James Alshouse and Wanda Alshouse, trustees of the James and Wanda Alshouse Trust, no district given, lot 30, lot 31, Cedar Hills, quitclaim.

H. Wayne Lingerfelt and Marie Lingerfelt to First Utility District, district 9, 0.477 of an acre, First Utility District of Hawkins county, no amount given.

Carrie Crawford to Dennis J. Caldwell and Danita C. Caldwell, district 6, parcel of land, no description, part of Onnie Crawford property, $200.

Eric Long and Deanna Long to Julia M. Blair and Paul W. Blair, district 7, 5.03 acres, lot 4, Hubert Shipley Heirs Property, $269,880.

Marty Carpenter and Kathy Carpenter to Henry Davis and Sheila Davis, district 4, lot 1A, Sunset Hills, $88,000.

A.J. Stockton and Margaret Ann Stockton to Larry Charles Lewis, district 2, 5 acres, lot 10, A.J. Stockton property, $24,500.

Recorded Jan. 23

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Coy E. Thomas and Shirley B. Thomas to Coy E. Thomas and Shirley B. Thomas, trustees of the Coy E. and Shirley B. Thomas Revocable Living Trust, district 4, parcel of land, no description, quitclaim.

Terry Jo Seals to Carman Lenell Edwards, district 4, parcel of land, no description, $119,000.

Joann Lipe to Greg Kinley, district 3, 0.11 of an acre, part of Joan Lipe property, $3,000.

Charlie Greer and Betty Greer to Jon Parker, district 4, 0.73 of an acre, Charlie Greer property, $185,000.

Recorded Jan. 24

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Big Valley GP to Johnson Johnson Real Estate and Auction Company Incorporated, district 5, lot 76, Millers View Plantation South Side, $190,000.

Brad Wilmoth and Emily Wilmoth to Rhonda C. Redwine and Clifford Wendell Wallen Jr., district 7, parcel of land, no description, $24,000.

Tracy Christian and Heather Jo Christian to Rebecca A. Ward and Howard Ward Jr., district 5, part of lot 1, Simmons heirs property, $55,000.

Richard Smith to Mark Young and Sharon Young, district 7, lot 4, West Hills, $20,000.

Recorded Jan. 25

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Yvonne Geyer and Matthew Geyer to Cartus Relocation Corporation, district 9, lot 50, Fox Meadows, $180,000.

Cartus Relocation Corporation to Michael E. Owens, district 9, lot 50, Fox Meadows, $159,000.

Brandon Dishner to Larry D. Dishner and Sandra N. Dishner, district 7, lot 9, Allandale, $17,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) to Anna Beth Portrum, district 2, 1.36 acres, part of Frank Summer Moore property, $49,500.

Virgil Mauk and Madelyn Mauk to Judith F. Haire, district 6, parcel of land, no description, $148,000.

Donnie Lawson and Macie N. Lawson to George Lawton Mathis Jr., district 4, lot 24, part of lot 23, part of lot 25, Eedmont Estates, $140,000.

Nell J. Johnson to Reuben Johnson, district 1, lot 12, Grant Johns property, quitclaim.

Appalachian Oil Company Incorporated to Management Properties Incorporated, district 4, lot 3, lot 4, Hubert K. Stapleton Farm, quitclaim.

Teresa Sindon and Michael Keith Sindon Estate to Tracy D. Strange, district 9, lot 19, Holston Heights, $85,000.

James A. Handysides and Janine Handysides, trustees of the Handysides Living Trust to Robert J. Wood and Rita L. Wood, district 7, lot 9, Bellingham Plantation, $195,000.

Charles E. Smith and Mary Smith to Robbie D. Helton and April D. Helton, district 4, lot 9, part of lot 10, Eric Durham property, $25,000.

Recorded Jan. 26

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D. Scott Dishner to Christopher D. Jeter and Kristi D. Jeter, district 7, lot 48, Ashley Oaks, $189,767.19.

Jane Hileman and Steve Hileman to Eugene Davis and Linda Davis, district 1, 0.58 of an acre, Clifford Drinnon property, $3,800.

Roger Short Jr. and Julie Christine Day Short to Stephen McDaniel and Tamella McDaniel, district 2, parcel of land, no description, $15,000.

Joseph A. Fore and Shelley Fore to Mike L. Berndt, district 2, lot 4, Robert Cope property, $156,000.

Dwayne E. Horton and Jessica L. Horton to Sharon J. Gibson, district 4, part of lot 13, Western Heights, $64,000.

Miranda D. Ferguson to Christopher S. Ferguson, district 7, lot 60, Greenland Estates, quitclaim.

Robert P.H. Kay and Nancy Poole Kay to Robert J. Keller and Janice J. Keller, district 1, lot 3, Kenneth Drinnon property, $20,470.18.

Patsy Houck and others to John J. Parrott and Heather Houck Parrott, district 1, 28.73 acres, lot 2A, George H. & Blanche Dyer property, $36,667.00.

Patsy Houck and others to Ron Houck and Patsy Houck, district 1, lot 1, lot 2, George H. and Blanche Dyer property, 436,667.00.

VIRGINIA Recorded at Scott County Courthouse Recorded Jan. 22

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Ann W. Conklin to Tucker Coleman and Rebecca C. Coleman, 22.80 acres of land, Estilville district, $6,000.

Recorded Jan. 25

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Helen C. Kilgore and others to George E. Howard, 114 acres of land, district not given, $4,400.

James Randall McMillion and Sandra Linda McMillion to Edward Howard McLain and Joyce Ann McLain, 0.33 of an acre of land, Fulkerson district, deed of gift.

Tempe Marshall and Nancy Cole to Nathaniel Culbertson and Ashley Puckett, parcel of land, no description given, Estilville district, no amount given.

Recorded Jan. 26

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Warren Scott Maness and Teresa B. Maness to Danny F. Williams and Teresa Williams, 16.7 acres of land, Powell district, $35,000.

Emmit Gray Cassell and Edith Pauline Cassell to Michael Schrock, 77 acres of land, Johnson district, $175,000.

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