Nickelsville Rescue Squad removed from probation

Holly Viers • Apr 6, 2018 at 1:00 PM

GATE CITY — After several months of restructuring and learning, the Nickelsville Rescue Squad has proven it can operate on its own.

That’s according to the Scott County Board of Supervisors, which voted on Wednesday to remove the squad from probation. It had been under close supervision since it reopened in the fall of last year.

“Personally, I can say we’re hearing less complaints,” said BOS Chairman David Redwine, “and it seems like things are really leveling out, which is good.”

The background

As previously reported by the Times News, the Nickelsville Rescue Squad was temporarily closed over the spring and summer of last year after personnel changes left it with no administrative structure.

After reopening in September of last year, the squad faced a number of financial obstacles, including high payroll costs, equipment maintenance and delayed insurance payments from emergency calls.

The squad has since revamped its volunteer recruitment efforts and reduced payroll costs by cutting hours. That led to more missed calls, but it kept the squad’s payroll and expense accounts from dwindling too low.

Making progress

Capt. Anthony Buckner reported that the squad is making progress financially. As of Wednesday morning, the squad had $8,791.47 in its expense account and $9,836.75 in its payroll account, not including any insurance payments the squad had yet to receive.

“I think we’re doing pretty well; we could be doing better,” Buckner said. “Every day’s going to be a push forward to keep doing better and doing what we can.”

Buckner added that he’s heard “nothing but positive remarks and comments” from his board of directors about the squad’s current operations.

“They seem to be very pleased with the progress we’re making and the direction we’re taking,” Buckner said, “and I’m fairly certain if there was a problem or they had any concerns, they would address them, because they’re just as eager as I am to get this fully operational.”


The board’s thoughts

Based on Buckner’s report, BOS members voted unanimously to remove the squad from probation, effective immediately.

BOS member Danny Mann commended Buckner for taking over the squad and getting it back on track.

“We may have been a little bit hard on you,” Mann told Buckner, “but again, it’s because previous things went on there, and we didn’t want to see it go down. But we trusted you, and I think you have stepped up to the plate, and you’ve done well.”


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