Tuesday Trivia: How much do you know about Natural Tunnel State Park?

Holly Viers • Jan 16, 2018 at 8:53 AM

You may have visited Natural Tunnel State Park in Duffield several times, but how much do you really know about it? Take this short quiz and find out!

1. What are the dimensions of the tunnel?

A. 600 feet long; 7 stories tall

B. 760 feet long; 9 stories tall

C. 850 feet long; 10 stories tall

D. 925 feet long; 11.5 stories tall

2. How big is the park?

A. 591 acres

B. 677 acres

C. 812 acres

D. 909 acres

3. Who called the park “the eighth wonder of the world”?

A. Daniel Boone

B. John Sevier

C. William Jennings Bryan

D. Sir Walter Raleigh

4. How many walking trails does the park have?

A. Six

B. Seven

C. Eight

D. Nine

5. The park’s famous tunnel was naturally carved. When did that process begin?

A. More than 1 million years ago

B. About 600,000 years ago

C. About 400,000 years ago

D. Less than 100,000 years ago



1. C

2. D

3. C

4. B

5. A

Source: Virginia State Parks

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