Local football coach sets bad example for youth

Letter To The Editor • Updated Sep 17, 2015 at 2:43 PM

Local football coach sets bad example for youth

I recently happened to be within earshot of a local public school football coach. He was trying to encourage the students to hit the tackling dummies much harder. His specific instruction was “pretend it is your sister. I know you want to hit her.” I recalled a similar instruction given by a coach 35 years ago who encouraged students to “pretend it is the fella that made your sister cry.”

How times have changed. Not that long ago coaches were counted upon to serve as the secondary and sometimes primary male influence in the lives of the students. They were expected to teach the boys morals and values as well as their respective sport. But today what do a bunch of boys learn that are instructed to imagine hurting their own sisters each of the hundreds of times that they will be performing this portion of their training over the next few months?

I can already hear readers leaping to the coach’s defense with claims that he didn’t intend to mess those kids up or do it on purpose. I would agree that the coach likely did not intend to hurt the boys, but there is no doubt in my mind that damage has been done. Have we become a society that so simply excuses such detrimental behavior? Should we not expect the people that we trust with our children to have a noble purpose and the best of intentions? I have two sons in the public school system. They have a little sister. I am relieved that this man does not coach my boys.

G.S. Hill, Kingsport

Davis a bigot of worst kind

The refusal by Rowan County clerk Kim Davis to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples should be viewed for what it is, a clear violation of the law and bigotry of the worst kind. The Supreme Court ruled on the legality of said marriages.

Mrs. Davis is a sworn official who is duty bound to follow the law with an absence of her personal bigotries. If she is unable or unwilling to do this, then she should resign or be removed from office. Mrs. Davis’ allowance of her biblical interpretation of rights has no place in county, state or federal government. She simply cannot pick and choose archaic biblical text to discriminate against citizens.

Her actions are demonstrative of a failed religious right attempt to discriminate against homosexuals. The religious right, including Mrs. Davis, would have homosexual couples obey the laws, pay their taxes and work as productive citizens. Yet she would allow ignorance and religious zealousness to deny them the basic human right of marriage.

This issue reminds me of the Loving vs. Virginia Supreme Court case concerning interracial marriage. In this case a white man had married a black woman and Virginia held this as illegal. It is amazing that in my lifetime interracial couples had to fight for the right to be married. To me it is just as amazing that gays had to fight so long to be allowed to marry who they choose.

Mrs. Davis’ actions and publicly stated prejudices clearly indicate the need for separation of church and state. Clearly stated, any religions prejudice and bigotry against a group of people is unacceptable in this country. Contrary to Mrs. Davis’ and the religious right’s views, most American citizens do not want their narrow, bigoted views in our governance.

David A. Taylor. Gate City, Va.

America an apostate nation

How sick can we get as a nation? Even killing our babies in the womb and cutting up the body parts and selling them. How barbaric. They said the head was the most valuable. How sick.

Planned Parenthood is the most barbaric organization in America because of their abortions, which is a money racket.

In 1973 when abortion was legalized through the U.S. Supreme Court, it was based upon a rape that never existed. It was based upon a lie. Now our Supreme Court has ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, which common sense tells you is not a normal lifestyle.

Marriage was intended between a man and a woman, to bring forth children and replenish the earth. God made man a helper and that is woman. The Bible says blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Too bad America has become an apostate nation in the eyes of God.

William Shafer, Kingsport


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