Stash of urine triggers woman's arrest

Rain Smith • Mar 8, 2018 at 12:21 PM

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of local police agencies.

Kingsport Police Department

March 5

Dispatch was alerted to a pair of Walmart shoplifters with “large knives on their belts.” When police arrived at the West Stone Drive store, one suspect was apprehended in the parking lot without incident, while the other fumbled with his keys in an attempt to unlock his car. After ignoring an officer’s commands, he was taken to the ground. Stolen toiletries valued at $63 netted his arrest for theft, while meth in his pocket resulted in drug charges.

March 6

A 911 caller reported a woman having a seizure at the Super 8 in Lynn Garden. When police visited the room, all four occupants denied reporting an emergency, though two people were “falling asleep while talking.” After receiving consent to conduct a search, officers located baggies of meth, pipes, pills, butane fuel, torches and other paraphernalia. All suspects were arrested on drug charges.

Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office

March 3

Vandalism was reported at Bernie Webb Park in Blountville after the Little League president found the dugout and press box had been spray-painted and windows had been shattered.

March 5

A woman called police about her boyfriend being blackmailed. It reportedly began when he was chatting online with another female, who requested a nude picture of him. He snapped one and texted it to her, and now she is threatening to “send the photo to his family and friends.”

Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office

March 1

Police were called after a woman visited a Rogersville home to “confront her family over a child custody issue.” When a responding officer asked about three containers of urine inside her vehicle, she said she had just been to the courthouse. While there, according to her account, she had hidden some of the urine inside her bra. Because the woman had recently failed one court-ordered drug screening, police suspected her collection of waste was for circumventing random checks. She was charged with falsifying a drug test and transported to jail.

March 2

A Mooresburg resident awoke and found an unknown man concealing the lower portion of his face with a rebel flag bandana in the bathroom. The burglar bolted out of the home, knocking over several items in the process, and was soon spotted by a responding deputy. When questioned, the suspect claimed to be “checking on a barn that he uses to store his tobacco.” But pills and syringes in his pocket — along with a Confederate bandana around his neck — spurred his arrest on multiple charges.

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