'Intense investigation' continues in unsolved Callie Ison murder

Jeff Bobo • Feb 4, 2018 at 12:30 PM

ROGERSVILLE — The Nadine Rogers case is just one of nine unsolved or unresolved murder, suspicious death, missing, or missing and presumed dead cases in Hawkins County, including three that occurred since late 2016.

Sheriff Ronnie Lawson told the Times News last week that the HCSO remains involved in an “intense investigation” into the murder of Callie Mahayla “Mia” Ison, 26, of Big Stone Gap.

Ison’s body was discovered by a hunter on Nov. 1 in a creek near East Pumpkin Valley Road in the Clinch community near the Hancock County line.

Although a preliminary autopsy report confirmed that Ison’s death was a homicide, the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office has released few other details.

Lawson said there is a person of interest in the case, but neither the exact cause of death nor the suspected motive is being released to the public.

The body of Donna Marie Young, 38, was discovered April 5 in a mobile home park septic overflow pond in the Stanley Valley community off Meadowview Road.

Although an autopsy revealed that the cause of death was heart failure triggered by drug use, Lawson said there is still an active criminal investigation related to who failed to report her death and instead tried to hide her body.

Jason Anthony Arnold, 40, of Church Hill, has been missing since Dec. 8, 2016.

Although Arnold’s family hasn’t seen or heard from him since then, he wasn’t reported missing until Dec. 29. Arnold resided in the Church Hill area, but his last known location was in Mount Carmel.

He is white, 5 feet, 6 inches tall and 135 pounds. He has a medium complexion, brown hair, blue eyes, some facial hair and numerous tattoos.

His mother told police he liked to be at home and it was out of character for him to stay away without contacting someone. A $1,000 reward has been offered for information that leads directly to Arnold being located.

Here’s the list of unsolved murders and disappearances in which foul play is known or suspected:

* Regilla Ann Stacy, 48, suffered fatal wounds to the head on Aug. 5, 2013 in her home at 424 Mountain View School Road in a very rural area near the Goshen Valley community.

Stacy’s live-in ex-husband was meeting his parole officer in Greeneville at the time of the shooting. The ex-husband, a convicted drug trafficker, reportedly arrived at the residence shortly after 1 p.m. that day and found her unresponsive on the kitchen floor.

According to reports, Stacy was beaten so badly about the head that investigators couldn’t confirm she had also been shot.

There was physical evidence outside the home indicating gunshots were fired.

Investigators believe she knew her killer or killers.

The motive for the murder is believed to be burglary and/or theft.

* Larry Vickers, 49, a Rogersville car dealership owner, was shot to death March 31, 2006 at a car wash he owned on Main Street on the far east end of town.

Vickers’ body was found around 8:40 a.m. locked in his Dodge Ram pickup with one gunshot wound to the torso.

He had apparently been at the car wash the night before repairing a broken light and possibly checking a malfunction in the cash box.

The upward trajectory of the bullet’s path, as well as droplets of blood found inside the car wash bay, led investigators to theorize that Vickers may have been standing on a ladder changing a light when he was shot by someone standing on the ground.

A semiautomatic pistol was found in the Hawkins County Schools bus garage property adjacent to the car wash, where it had apparently been tossed over a security fence. One spent shell was jammed in the pistol, and a live round was stuck in the gun.

The pistol had no serial number and wasn’t known to belong to Vickers. The magazine was found inside the car wash bay in a drainage grate.

Vickers’ clothing was wet when police discovered him.

Several witnesses told police they had spoken to Vickers on his cell phone around 11 p.m. the day before he was discovered dead. The cell phone was never recovered.

A receipt from the cash box found in Vickers’ possession had 10:54 p.m. printed on it. The Vickers case is being investigated by the Rogersville Police Department.

* David Wayne Blizzard, 33, of Surgoinsville, disappeared on Sept. 30, 2005.

Blizzard’s mother reported on Oct. 10 that she had not seen him since Sept. 30, when he was at her residence in Surgoinsville. Due to a domestic disturbance in which he was involved, he was transported to Walmart on Stone Drive in Kingsport by a Hawkins County deputy. He hasn’t been seen since. Blizzard’s disappearance has been investigated by both Kingsport and Hawkins County authorities.

* Larry Trent, 47, of Mooresburg, has been missing since Feb. 28, 1997.

Trent was last seen at his residence by his sister. She returned the following day, but Trent was nowhere to be found. His vehicle, medication and personal items were all at the residence, but he hasn’t been heard from since.

* Kenneth “Brent” Patterson, 28, of the Goshen Valley community, has been missing since July 16, 1986.

That morning the HCSO responded to a wreck on Goshen Valley Road just south of the Holston River bridge. The vehicle, which was registered to Patterson, was found abandoned in a field after apparently running off the roadway, hitting a ditch, rolling over and coming to rest on its wheels. The vehicle had also been driven in the field after the accident in an apparent attempt to leave the scene, but got stuck on a fence. No blood was found in the vehicle, and Patterson has not been seen or heard from since.

Several potential suspects were questioned. Some were cleared, one died, and one is in federal prison for what will likely be life on drug and weapons convictions.

Anyone with information about any of Hawkins County’s unsolved cases is asked to call the HCSO at (423) 272-4848 or Hawkins County Central Dispatch at (423) 272-7172.

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