Hit-and-run driver flees KPD on three tires

Rain Smith • Updated Jan 16, 2018 at 12:55 PM

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of local police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office

Jan. 8

A man called deputies to his Blountville home, saying his girlfriend had doused him with chocolate milk and then tossed the empty jug, hitting him in the eye. The suspect was found naked and initially refused to get dressed, but eventually went into a bathroom to put on a dress. When she exited, she claimed her boyfriend had thrown rubbing alcohol on her — though she was suspected of doing it herself in the restroom — and she refused to comply with officers’ commands. After attempts to “jerk away” from police, she was restrained and handcuffed, then jailed on charges of domestic assault and resisting arrest.

Rogersville Police Department

Jan. 1

When officers responded to an apartment on Main Street, they found a busted TV on the floor and the residence “destroyed.” Witnesses named a suspect, who was soon heard “screaming from the woodline.” The “very irate” man was not wearing any shoes and refused to calm down, netting his arrest for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Jan. 7

A woman returned home to find several items of her clothing had been burned in a bathtub. Her ex-boyfriend was named as a suspect, as she had caught him “with another girl” earlier in the day and broken up with him.

Kingsport Police Department

Jan. 10

A clerk at a Stone Drive gas station called police after a man entered, grabbed a six-pack of Natural Ice and retreated to the bathroom. A responding officer found an empty can and two full ones in the trash can, but the suspect had since departed.

Jan. 11

When a woman exited her home, she felt acorns hitting her in the head, then looked up and spotted her estranged husband on the roof. She ran inside, due to past assaults by the man, and he heaved rocks through several of her windows. Responding officers found the suspect running across Reservoir Road, which led to a foot pursuit and his being taken to the ground. He was arrested for assault, vandalism and evading arrest. Meth, a syringe, pills and pot were found in his pockets, netting additional charges.

Jan. 15

An officer spotted a Nissan pickup (missing a front tire) as it exited John B. Dennis Highway at Memorial Boulevard, swerved into the grass to pass a vehicle stopped on the ramp, then ran a red light to cut off two other motorists. A subsequent pursuit led onto Stratford Road, Summitt Drive and Fairhaven Avenue, where the driver “did a burnout up the hill.” The suspect stopped in a driveway and was taken into custody, revealing he was drunk. Police then learned he had been in a hit-and-run about 15 minutes earlier, when he sideswiped a Jeep on Arbutus Avenue. He was arrested on multiple charges, including reckless driving and felony evading arrest.

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