Best of the blotter: Kingsport's diamond smuggler, drive-thru rage, tinkle tantrum and more

Rain Smith • Dec 30, 2017 at 3:00 PM

This installment of the Times News blotter contains some of the highs and lows from Kingsport police reports in 2017.


Police were called to a gas station on South Wilcox Drive due to a man “running in and out of traffic.” When located, the suspect “immediately took an aggressive stance” with the officer and accused store employees of using racial slurs. With “a white froth” coming from his mouth, he again bolted into traffic, forcing motorists to make evasive maneuvers as police gave chase. Occupants of one car exited to assist an officer with apprehending the man, who was then transported to the hospital for an evaluation.


A woman in the drive-thru at Walgreens couldn’t speak with an employee at the window due to a vehicle behind her blaring music. She opened her car door and asked the driver to lower the volume, but the other motorist cranked up his stereo, revved the engine and inched toward her bumper. As the female drove away, the man chased her onto West Stone Drive, held a gun out the window while making threats, then fired a round into the air. A suspect was later located and arrested, but for assault against a family member. According to court records, he was arguing with the victim over “something that happened at Walgreens.” The road rage and gunfire case was forwarded to detectives for further investigation.


At a downtown theater, a man approached patrons of an Easter musical to ask if they had Xanax or Valium. Officers found the suspect unsteady on his feet and unable to speak, prompting his arrest for public intoxication. Due to having just one arm, he could not be handcuffed, and while being walked to a squad car for transport to jail, he “slipped (out of) his jacket and took off running down Broad Street.” Following a brief foot chase, he was tackled and apprehended.


Five women directed police to an apartment building on Lewis Lane, saying that a man’s nude sunbathing is an “ongoing occurrence.” The suspect, 67, was found lying outside on a lounge chair, sans any clothing. When questioned, he explained that his doctor advised him to get more vitamin D, “and the sun was a good source.” He was arrested on a charge of indecent exposure.


A woman at the Social Security office on South Wilcox Drive removed her engagement ring to put lotion on her hands. When the ring inadvertently fell to the floor, a man snatched it and retreated to the restroom. Shortly thereafter, he was spotted leaving the building with another male. Police found the second man outside the nearby Aquatic Center, and he directed officers to the locker room of the YMCA. He said the suspect was trying to “remove the stolen diamond ring from his rectum, where he had hidden it after taking it.” The suspect was located at a locker and arrested. The ring was returned to its owner.


— Police were called to Walmart on Stone Drive, where a man in the parking lot was “making his hand in a gun gesture ... acting like he was shooting people.” When located, he was told to leave and agreed to do so. Less than 30 minutes later, officers were dispatched to the nearby Sonic Drive-In. There, the same individual was making the same “shooting” motion and also “chasing customers.” He was then booked into jail for disorderly conduct.

— As a loss prevention officer used the restroom at Belk in the Fort Henry Mall, a man in the neighboring stall stuck his foot under the partition, rubbing it against the employee’s. He then “displayed his penis under the barrier.” The suspect was detained and police were called to the store. When told he was under arrest, he began to fight, leading to his being Tasered and punched before he was subdued. He was then booked into jail for indecent exposure and resisting arrest.


A woman called police on her husband, saying he had “peed all over her and the house.” A responding officer learned that during a dispute between the couple — who have separate bedrooms — the man “urinated through a hole” into her chambers. His stream allegedly struck her leg, then he fled when she dialed 911. The reporting officer notes there was a soiled area on the woman’s jeans. However, he was “unable to determine the origin of the liquid.”


A city police officer stopped on East Stone Drive to assist a constable, finding a man locked in his car and “chugging a Steel Reserve beer.” The driver, who the constable said had been speeding, refused to exit and became increasingly belligerent — downing three additional beers in the process. A decision was made to break a window and remove the suspect. But when the glass shattered, according to police, “He said, ‘Hold on, man’ and nonchalantly acted as if he was going to grab another beer.” After fighting officers, he was Tasered and arrested on several charges.


Several bystanders reported a fight along the Christmas parade route in downtown Kingsport. Near Clay and Center streets, officers found one suspect, 34, with a bleeding eye. He admitted to an argument with another man, spurred by the dating of “his soon to be ex-wife.” EMS treated and released the injured man, at which time he was arrested for disorderly conduct. The other fighter fled after the altercation and was not immediately located.

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