Best of the blotter: Hawkins County's Sharpie doodle assault, rattlesnake bite and more

Rain Smith • Dec 30, 2017 at 8:00 AM

This installment of the Times News blotter contains some of the highs and lows from Hawkins County police reports in 2017.


— When an Eidson woman accused her husband of cheating, he told her to “show him proof.” She then punched him in the face, busting his lip, bruising his neck and netting her arrest.

— During a funeral at a Rogersville church, a woman “fell through the door” and disrupted the service. She stated that she had been seeing Satan — “all black with ram-like horns on his head” — and needed to consult a preacher. After the 20-year-old admitted to drinking vodka “throughout the day,” she was arrested for underage consumption and public intoxication.


A woman told police that while she was sleeping, someone snagged $150 that was stashed in her bra. The suspects she named were family members, as they were the only people in her residence at the time of the theft.


— A Mooresburg resident called police about threats issued via the PlayStation Network. He claimed that after he beat another player, the losing gamer “threatened to kill him, find out where he lived and kill his family.”

— A Rogersville woman advised that her grandson, 19, had “assaulted her by spraying bug spray on her.” The teen denied the accusations, explaining that a verbal conflict escalated when his grandmother “snatched his cap off his head and began striking him.” Specifics about what spurred the altercation aren’t documented in an incident report, but no injuries were observed by the responding deputy. All parties declined to pursue charges and police took no action.

— Rogersville police were called to Walmart when loss prevention stopped a shoplifter. He was ultimately released on a citation for swiping $13 in merchandise: a single pack of AAA batteries and a pair of “Batman space underwear.”


— Officers responded to a disturbance in Church Hill and found an “extremely upset” woman with Sharpie doodles “covering her face and arms.” Her husband claimed she was under the influence and had made the markings herself, but video located at the scene revealed otherwise. While the woman was asleep, he used a permanent marker to draw “several things on her body ... including coloring around one of her eyes.” He was arrested on a charge of domestic assault. A police report does not specify what device recorded the incident, though it notes that the suspect, 48, was drunk.

— As officers walked toward a Rogersville home to serve a warrant for failure to appear, the wanted man exited and boasted, “Not today!” Following a brief foot chase, he was apprehended and additionally charged with evading arrest.


At Big Lots in Rogersville, officers spotted an SUV “accelerate in what appeared to be a dangerous, unsafe manner.” When it stopped in the fire lane, officers approached and the driver was “loud and combative” — demanding that they “just write the (expletive) ticket.” While an officer filled out a citation, the suspect could be heard yelling and cursing from inside his vehicle. His tirade included threats to “whip” an elderly man who walked by. Ultimately, he was arrested for disorderly conduct, reckless driving and reckless endangerment. Marijuana found in his pocket netted an additional charge of simple possession.


— In response to a woman “stabbed in the head” at a Church Hill home, deputies found a car attempting to flee and had to forcibly remove the female driver. Officers learned that she had found the victim “in bed with her ex-boyfriend.” She left after the initial discovery, according to her account, but later returned and entered the residence without permission. A fight ensued among all three parties, with the suspect wielding a screwdriver to stab the other woman. The suspect was jailed on charges of assault.

— In response to a disturbance on Highway 11-W, police found a motorist with a “busted” eye and “several bite marks on his shoulder and arms.” The injuries occurred as he was driving and were inflicted by his girlfriend, who was arrested for domestic assault. According to both their accounts, he had accidentally “called her by another female’s name.”


Shortly before 4 a.m., a man in Rogersville told police that he had been bitten by a rattlesnake. The alleged victim — who was found outside in only shorts and sandals — was disoriented and confused, but EMS personnel advised he “just seemed under the influence.” Upon being told as much, the man was “still determined” that he had been bitten and became agitated. For his safety and the safety of the public, he was arrested for public intoxication.


In a burglary at a recently deceased person’s home in Mooresburg, tools worth more than $10,000 were believed to have been stolen. A family member was named as a suspect — and a “sample of feces” left in a room was collected as evidence.

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