Gunshot through wall leads to neighbor's arrest

Rain Smith • Dec 20, 2017 at 2:14 PM

The blotter is derived from recent incident reports and central dispatch records of local police agencies.

Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office

Dec. 15

Outside the Sullivan County Health Department — adjacent to the Blountville jail — a deputy found a man “standing in the parking lot with parts of his clothing lying on the ground.” After making statements that “everyone was against him” and admitting to drinking, he was arrested for public intoxication.

Dec. 19

— As an elderly Kingsport woman talked on the phone, her 48-year-old son approached with a steak knife and swiped an envelope from her pocket. The victim, who suffered a cut to her hand, told police that the envelope had contained $1,300 cash. A search of the area found the suspect lying on his back in nearby woods and trying to hide with leaves covering his face. He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and aggravated robbery. All of the money was recovered and returned to his mother.

— On Highway 394 in Blountville, a deputy stopped a car that had a tinted “tag cover” over the license plate. The driver admitted that he did not have a license and that there were drugs in the vehicle. A subsequent search yielded a crystal substance, white powder, several syringes, 64 pills, two scales and an apparent drug ledger. The driver was arrested on felony charges.

Kingsport Police Department

Dec. 16

— A 911 caller from Virginia Street relayed that men in her driveway were attempting to remove wheels from her van. Responding officers found three suspects nearby, with one immediately raising his hands and becoming compliant. Based on the victim’s statements and descriptions, he was initially arrested for theft — but later released when the woman “changed her story.” Upon further recollection, she believed that the jailed man had actually only stood watch. An investigation is continuing with charges pending.

— At apartments on Milam Street, a resident heard “people yelling and a lot of banging around,” but did not call police. That changed the next day, when she awoke to find a bullet hole in the wall above her couch. An officer visited the complainant’s neighbor, who said she had heard unknown people beating on her door the night before. Becoming scared, she grabbed a handgun for protection, but it discharged as she walked down the stairs. The accidental shooter, age 20, was arrested for reckless endangerment.

Dec. 17

A woman was arrested for aggravated assault against her boyfriend. Believing that he was having an affair, she reportedly held a steak fork to his neck and threatened to “stab him while he was sleeping, kill his grandparents and burn down the houses of his family members.”

Dec. 18

Police were called to Nelson Street after a 5-year-old was dropped off by the school bus but couldn’t get inside her apartment. The girl’s mother was later found passed out inside, apparently impaired and in “no condition” to provide care. A witness added that the woman’s children “get left outside often.” The mother was arrested for neglect, and the Department of Children’s Services was notified about the incident.

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