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The week in crime

Staff reports • Jun 29, 2013 at 9:43 PM

Judge denies probation for woman who threw dead baby in garbage

If ever there was a case that called for prison time, it was Kathryn Condrey who admittedly threw her deceased newborn child into the trash, Judge John Dugger said Wednesday.

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Woman who broke her arm to get out of jail ordered to pay $24k for medical bill

A woman who believed that jail inmates with serious injuries get released from custody was ordered last week to pay the $24,726 medical bill she ran up for the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office after she had a fellow inmate break her arm intentionally.

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Man displays shotgun during road rage incident with firefighter

A Kingsport firefighter told police he had been passed on the double yellow line, so he followed the other driver in case they were experiencing a medical emergency.

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Man swindles clerk out of nearly $500

A man used a $50 bill to purchase a $1 drink at a Bulls Gap market. He later purchased a lottery ticket with two $1 bills, asking that the clerk also exchange out the previous 50 for some other bills he was carrying.

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Drug tainted toilet water from jail cell leads to new charges for Hawkins woman

A Church Hill woman who’d been arrested on several charges including DUI and drug possession Saturday morning had new charges added after allegedly smuggling pills into jail.

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Police: Meth operation found at tent in Sullivan County

Two people have been arrested after the alleged discovery of a methamphetamine operation at a tent along the northern most part of Sullivan County.

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KPD: Two arrested while making pharmacy run for meth supplies

Two men have been arrested after visiting numerous city pharmacies to stock up on pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient to the production of methamphetamine, Kingsport police reported.

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Scott County teen, 15, leads police on chase in stolen truck

Scott County authorities arrested a 15-year-old boy earlier this week after he allegedly led police on a pursuit in a stolen farm truck.

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Hawkins man claims he bought stolen guns in parking lot at gun show

A Hawkins County man told deputies he purchased two stolen guns that were located at his residence Friday morning, from a person in the parking lot of a gun show in Kingsport.

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Hawkins detective shoots victim's dog after alleged attack during investigation

A Hawkins County detective investigating a home invasion complaint shot and killed the victim’s dog Wednesday after the dog reportedly attempted to attack the detective.

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