Kingsport church spruces up ETSU’s Baptist Collegiate Ministry

Holly Viers • Aug 5, 2018 at 12:30 PM

KINGSPORT — Members of ETSU’s Baptist Collegiate Ministry might notice some changes once classes start back in a couple of weeks.

Last month, members of Orebank Missionary Baptist Church in Kingsport made several cosmetic improvements to the BCM building, including pressure washing the outdoor areas, installing new ceiling tiles and replacing old furniture.

A relationship begins

David Smith, pastor of Orebank Missionary Baptist, said his church first got connected with the BCM as part of a fundraising effort.

“They were doing some fundraising, trying to get supplies that they need for the year, such as coffee and Pop-Tarts and stuff that they use to kind of dote on the kids throughout the year,” Smith said. “So we started taking up some supplies for them and sending it over to the BCM.”

Soon after that, Smith said he discovered the BCM not only needed donations, but also help with the physical appearance of the building.

“A lot of churches help with those donations and with monetary help, but it didn’t sound like they had a lot of people coming in to do hands-on: cleaning carpet and doing some of the things that we did there to kind of spruce up for this new year,” Smith said. “So I think it just kind of led us both together and gave us both an opportunity to do what we needed to do and minister.”

Doing the work

Smith said about 50 people from the church were part of the two-day work effort at the BCM. Thanks to love offerings from the congregation, the church was able to fund and complete 14 or 15 projects during that time.

“One person bought the ceiling tiles, one person bought a couch, two people donated picnic tables,” Smith said. “It’s neat, in hindsight, to kind of look back and just see how everything got supplied that needed to be supplied.”

Once the work had been completed, Smith said the BCM director, Jonathan Chapman, couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.

“I think he was just absolutely tickled to death. … I think it’s really been needed just to kind of freshen up for the start of the school year,” Smith said.

What’s next?

Smith said Orebank Missionary Baptist is looking into other mission opportunities in the community and beyond.

“It’s not usually just a one-and-done thing,” Smith said. “There are monthly ministries that go on and outreach into the community and to the surrounding area.”

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