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‘Fibers of Light’: Mallory Fine Art showcases works by textile artist Quinn Hawkesworth

Staff reports • Jun 3, 2013 at 11:26 AM

Mallory Fine Art’s June exhibit will feature the work of textile artist and former Barter Theatre actress Quinn Hawkesworth.

An opening reception for Hawkesworth’s “Fibers of Light” exhibit, on display through July 27 at the Abingdon gallery, will be held from 5 to 8 p.m., June 6 during the community art event First Thursday, Abingdon.

The exhibit’s focal point is a quartet of pieces depicting animals that are of special significance to the artist: a fox, a crow, a hare and an owl. These textile creations are influenced by the moon as well as a quote by Iroquois artist Alex Jacobs: “To us, each object is imbued with invisible fibers of light that reach out into the universe and are connected and related to all things and all times, and the song that the maker sang when making the object still hangs in the air.”

Other works on display include “Gateway to Light,” a dream come to life, as well as a whimsical Japanese fairytale work, “The Fox’s Wedding.” According to legend, when there is sunshine during rain it signifies a fox’s wedding in the forest.

The exhibit will also include framed fabric landscapes along with a display of a quilt created by the artist. Hawkesworth’s exhibit complements the William King Museum’s traveling exhibition “Quilt National: The Dairy Barn Arts Center Biennial,” on display at the museum in Abingdon through July 14.

Mallory Fine Art is housed in a 120-year-old home located at 112 E. Main St., in historic Abingdon.

For more information, call (423) 742-2150; email gallery.mallory@gmail.com; or visit www.facebook.com/MalloryFineArt.

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