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Fair worker emphasizes fun

Madison Mathews • Aug 23, 2011 at 3:57 AM

The Moon Rocket — a roller coaster that takes riders upside down on a circular track — is a ride that often elicits squeals of excitement and, sometimes, screams of fear from daredevils brave enough to strap themselves into the car. Those types of reactions are just part of the reason Larry Hert loves his job with James H. Drew Exposition, the company responsible for the carnival that entertains thousands at the Appalachian Fair, which kicked off another run Monday.

Hert said it best: “When you hear them scream, you know they’re having fun.”

Since joining Drew Exposition about seven years ago, Hert has operated just about every ride available at the fair, but the Moon Rocket has remained his favorite as he’s transitioned from ride operator to ride foreman.

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