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Clinch principal endures gauntlet of paint powder to reward students

Jeff Bobo • Nov 2, 2018 at 11:30 AM

ROGERSVILLE — Last spring she kissed a pig, but on Wednesday Clinch School Principal Denise McKee chose a more dignified way to reward students for achieving a goal — by letting them cover her with paint powder.

This year's school-wide candy bar sales fundraiser was to raise money for classroom materials.

As part of her incentive program, McKee told the K-12 school's 130 students that anyone who raised more than $50 would be eligible to throw paint at her on Halloween.

The incentive must have worked because 33 students met or exceeded the $50 milestone.

Last March, while she was still principal at Carters Valley Elementary, McKee told her K-4 student body that if at least 50 students showed up for an afterschool math program she would kiss a pig.

Within 20 minutes of the event’s start, the 50-student goal was met, and overall 69 showed up.

"I love animals so I didn't mind kissing the pig but being hit with dry powder paint was a lot cleaner," McKee said. "I need help thinking of something to top these two (incentive programs) for next year. Maybe a painted pig."

By the time she'd passed through her students' gauntlet of paint powder Wednesday afternoon, McKee looked like a human rainbow.

The paint assault concluded a big day of fun for Clinch students that included a Halloween parade.

"There are 130 students at Clinch, which is a K-12 school," McKee said. "Approximately 110 students were dressed and marched in the parade. Students were very excited to show everyone their costumes. Students went trick-or-treating along the parade route. Stops were made at the library, nurses office, guidance office, teacher planning room and the cafeteria. I hope that this becomes an annual tradition."

As for her sacrifice, McKee said the paint pelting was worth it considering the good that is done with the money.

"This money is used to buy instructional supplies and materials that support instruction in the classroom," she said. "Purchasing non-fiction texts, workbooks and other consumable items like paper, ink and dry erase markers are one of the many expenses schools have to purchase. Schools have fundraisers to help with these costs."


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