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Storybook pumpkins lining hallways at Mount Carmel Elementary School

Jeff Bobo • Oct 30, 2018 at 3:15 PM

MOUNT CARMEL — From the Cat in the Hat to Captain Underpants, students at Mount Carmel Elementary School have been creating "Character Pumpkins" over the past couple of weeks to help bring their favorite storybooks to life.

As of Monday, scores of storybook pumpkins lined the hallways in every wing of the school.

On Tuesday, however, students will be asked to bring their storybook pumpkins to life.

"We let students pick their favorite book and choose their favorite character and decorate pumpkins that way," said third-grade teacher Kim McCann. "We had planned to do it in third grade, and Mrs. Mowell said, ‘I'd like to do this for fourth grade.’ Then we just decided to check with (Principal Amy Glass) and make it a schoolwide event, and we'll have a pumpkin walk as we do our Halloween walk on Wednesday."

McCann added, "They have a book report from that they needed to fill out listing the title, the author and then some character traits. They're going to present these pumpkins to the class (Tuesday), so they'll be giving details from the book and then telling why they feel this character has particular traits that they are listing in their book report."

In there own words, here are a few examples of how students created pumpkins using their favorite book characters:

Lucas Helms, fourth grade

"The story of my pumpkin is from 'The Spiderwick Chronicles.' My pumpkin is Jared, and he didn't have the (Seeing Stone) in this book, but I tried to make him like the other book. He has this eye that can let him see anything, and let him see it close."

Kohen Salyer, fourth grade

He decorated his pumpkin as Captain Underpants, complete with a red cape and a pair of Hanes "tighty whitey" underpants that Kohen assures everyone have not been worn by any humans. They were purchased specifically for his Captain Underpants pumpkin and will likely be thrown out later due to the hot glue used to keep them around the Captain's "waist".

"It's one of my favorite books," Kohen said. "His super powers — he has super strength, and one of the shows I watched he became rubbery. He can fly.”

Anna Vidonish, first grade

Anna made her pumpkin into the title character from her book "Little Ree," complete with hat with flowers, pigtails and plaid shirt. Anna likes Little Ree because they share a passion for cooking.

Her mom actually helped paint Little Ree's face, but Anna supervised the artistic design.

"That (shirt) was actually mine when I was a baby. (She chose Little Ree) because last year in kindergarten I kept getting that book (from the library), and mommy told me to stop getting it, but I didn't listen to her. I just kept getting it. And then for my birthday she got it for me."

Dane Blonski, third grade

Dane read a book about the rock band "Kiss" and he made his pumpkin into a "Gene Simmons" complete with protruding tongue. Even though Dane is a drummer, he went with Simmons the bass player because Kiss drummer Peter Criss' cat makeup isn't as scary.


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