Kingsport Times-News: You don’t have to be a baker to make a beautiful trifle

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You don’t have to be a baker to make a beautiful trifle

Sharon Little • Feb 14, 2018 at 10:30 AM

“One must not trifle with love.” — Alfred de Musset

Generally speaking, the term trifle brings thoughts of lack of consideration or effort. Going back to childhood, I remember lots of folks being referred to as trifling. Translation — LAZY. What a sad, sad story. Alas.

I must admit that I, myself, am guilty of being a bit lazy when it comes to pastry and desserts. I don’t like to measure stuff. I don’t like to peek into the oven. I don’t like all that pressure of making sure I didn’t confuse salt for sugar or getting a bunch of crumbs in my frosting. You know you are not a baker when your friends say “it still tastes good.” True story.

This is why I like making trifles! First of all, I have several beautiful trifle dishes from fancy places like Big Lots and Dollar General. Secondly, there is very little cooking involved. Just mixing, slicing and layering. Everyone is soooo impressed, and they think you worked into the wee hours of the night to present this beautiful masterpiece. You may be a trifling sort, but you’re still bringing some love to the party. Cheers!



1 9-inch angel food cake

1 3 1/2 oz. box instant vanilla pudding

1 8 oz. carton sour cream

1 12 oz. carton frozen whipped topping

1 pint fresh strawberries (stemmed and sliced)

3 bananas (peeled and sliced)

3 kiwis (peeled and sliced)

1 cup pineapple chunks

In a medium bowl, combine sour cream and dry pudding mix. Fold into whipped topping and set aside. Cut angel food cake into 2-inch squares. Line the trifle bowl (or any medium glass bowl) with the strawberry and kiwi slices, reserving two whole strawberries and a couple of kiwi slices for garnish.

Layer 1/3 angel food cake, 1/3 bananas and pineapple, and 1/3 of the whipped topping mixture into the fruit-lined dish carefully. Repeat layers, finishing with fruit garnish. Seal with plastic wrap and chill for several hours prior to serving.

Sharon Little is a community contributor for the Kingsport Times-News.

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