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Sincerely, Susan: The wonderful month of Thanksgiving

Susan E. Kendrick • Nov 12, 2017 at 4:30 PM

Dear Readers ~

Absolutely love this time of year! Chill in the air. A great football season is unfolding. Hunting. Visiting with friends and family with the holidays just around the corner. Anticipation of traditions and new adventures seek embracing

I am watching a lone coot negotiate the ever-changing direction of strong winds as it glides upon the water on Daddy’s lake. Acorns, some as large as one inch in length, are dropping like bullets from the sky as most hit the top of the tin roof on the cabin before landing on the deck ... challenging as I walk underneath their aim to get better cell reception or load the car. They sting like a wasp when they hit!

November is writer’s month and that I will be doing. More importantly, the end of the month brings a holiday that has been celebrated since the Pilgrims came over from across the Atlantic pond. As Americans, we continue to celebrate with turkey, oyster dressing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and many yummy side dishes. But it is also a time of reflection for all those things for which we may be thankful. Please indulge me as I share a few of mine.

Both of my parents are still alive and I am able to share some quality moments with them. And, though my mother’s Alzheimer’s seems to have plateaued, observing how my father continues to dote on her, is proof of a successful marriage. I frequently hear him tell her how beautiful she is and how much he loves her. Of course, no response. But, oh, how sweet! Unfortunately, my husband chose otherwise. So, after 22 years of marriage, I found myself single again in mid-October. I am thankful, however, for the good years we had and the role models my parents have been.

I am thankful for all the love, support and prayers that have been shared with me during these past couple of years. I was torn from the home I loved and friends I adored in Kingsport to return to where I grew up ... in middle Georgia. However, I am thankful for more time to share with my family. I am thankful for my job as house director for the University of Georgia’s AXO sorority and all the lovely young women who never cease to amaze me daily. I am thankful for old friends and new friends. I am thankful for the great game of bridge. I am thankful for talented artists ~ painters, musicians, singers and writers and the opportunities to see them perform. I am thankful for my two Bible studies, the ability to worship where I please, and for being a Christian.

I am thankful for the opportunity to write this column and for you readers. For my dog, Abbey. My sister, Georgia, and husband Ed, who take care of her between visits to the cabin and Elk Lodge. For my Yeti cup that keeps my water ice-cold all day. For my beautiful car that I continue to drive with little incident. I am thankful for the help of “young legs” with the houseboys and my nephews. I am thankful for the meticulous staff we have who spoil me. For the four distinct seasons that segue into each other so gracefully from God’s magic wand. I am thankful for good books and a good PG movie. And, I thoroughly enjoy Georgia away games on the theatre screen in a huge comfy chair where I may just press a button for service. I am thankful for travel, fly-fishing, gardening and beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees ... pine, Spanish moss covered live oaks, and swaying palms. I am thankful for sea breezes, cloudless skies and fierce thunderstorms.

Growing older, for which I am thankful, I am thankful for reader sunglasses, down pillows and duvets that keep me cozy every night. I am grateful for exquisite sunrises and sunsets that take away my breath. For fresh fallen snow. Good doctors, lawyers, preachers and taxi drivers. I am also thankful for all the professionals in each industry that make my life so much easier. And, many thanks to all those filled with wisdom, integrity, a good sense of humor, protocol and good manners. All go much further than money!

I am thankful for the googoo’s and gaga’s of a baby and the pitter-patter of a toddler in full throttle moving wildly when they learn to walk and squealing with delight. I could go on and on listing things for which I am thankful but I will bookend with being thankful for over 30 years of sharing my life with Scotties and the adventures they brought me since the passing of the past two remains ever present.

I’ve picked out my Christmas card for this year. Most gifts have been purchased. This will be my first holiday season as a newly single. I remain confident knowing God has a wonderful plan for me. Daily confirmations, God things, confirm that. As a former athlete, I understand the importance of training and God is certainly doing so with me for His purposes. In that, I find contentment and peace of mind straight from the good book: Numbers 6: 24-26 that I also used to end my sermons when a lay speaker. I am blessed beyond measure despite three deaths within a year ... that of my marriage and two fur babies.

Like the lone coot before me, I will continue to dance in the water despite the vigorous winds that life brings. Until next month ~ Happy Thanksgiving!



Susan E. Kendrick is a Sunday Stories columnist who shares her insights and Southern humor each month in Sincerely, Susan. To correspond with Susan, email her at [email protected] To share events for our Out & About calendar, email us at [email protected]

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