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Sincerely, Susan: Sweet summertime has arrived

By Susan E. Kendrick • Updated Jun 5, 2017 at 4:09 PM

Dear Readers ~

The moon was completely full and high in the sky. Its reflection on the South Carolina shoreline shared with Wild Dunes Resort shimmered wide like a lighthouse beacon slowly moving from left to right as the evening unfolded. A few stars dotted the abyss black sky with two shrimp boats and a freighter sparkling on the horizon. I sat on the deck alone in villa 213 of Sea Scape condos. All was quiet except for the unyielding waves breaking 50 feet in front of me. The never-go-out-of-style song “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest, written a ‘thousand years ago,’ played in my head. There have been many times that I have danced in the moonlight by an ocean or sea. Doing so on the Aegean outside Athens, Greece, was the quintessential of any in my life. But doing so with family members or friends in our pajamas was as much fun as we’d squeal with childlike giggles soaking up every moment together with complete abandon and kicking up sand that had cooled from the earlier day’s heat. The enormous magnitude of God’s presence was overwhelming as I shared one-on-one time with Him on the deck. I am very humbled to be in His integral plan... one of many like a grain of sand on the beach. OK, maybe a small shell.

I was visiting Isle of Palms (IOP) with three house mothers and again playing as much bridge as possible. Fun-fun-fun! A trip into Charleston was mandatory for a couple of us where we shopped in the market and dined at Henry’s. A trip around Battery Row is always checked off as I continue to admire the historical architectural features of centuries-old homes. Girlfriend trips are so refreshing and filled with belly-ache laughter. This trip was no different and much appreciated. Good cards always help. We made up a drink that we named Beach Bridge Bangers from the ingredients that we had on hand using milk, bananas, coffee, hazelnut creamer and a Starbuck’s caramel latte... Whatever it took so we didn’t have to run out again! It was actually pretty tasty. And, shrimp! Awe, the freshest right off the boat. We ate as much shrimp as our tummies could hold as often as possible.

Back home and the summer heat is fast approaching. I LOVED living in Kingsport where summer times just did not seem to get as stagnant as it can in middle Georgia. The surrounding mountains buffered us from the rest of the world during a season when stepping outside could become confrontational with the weather! Soft breezes always seemed to swirl around whenever I was working in the yard or being outside.

I am visiting Daddy’s farm for Memorial Day weekend. A couple of classics on TV are viewed together or at least in the background as we visit: “Midway,” “Saving Private Ryan” and “The Dirty Dozen.” During this time of year, the purple Martins are dancing among themselves over the lake across from the cabin. They are spectacular in their athletic abilities. Jennifer, my sister from Savannah, is cooking dinner for tonight and I am enjoying the opportunity to write to you. To my knowledge, my family has never lost anyone to a war during this past century so I can only be thankful for those who have fought for my freedom … the many strangers. Though my father who served as a Marine wanted to fight, he did not see action. My Uncle John retired as a three-star general from the Army. My great-uncle Jimmy fought in World War II. I remember him as being a handsome fellow with thinning white hair. He had a permanent twinkle in his eyes and kind words to say about everyone. And, he could always laugh at a good joke even if it was about him. Once, I witnessed one of his small granddaughters sitting on his lap, when she asked, “Granddaddy, did you get your hair shot off in the war?” We shared a great laugh over that question!

Jennifer has a big birthday coming up and several of us will be celebrating near Savannah. Another group of girlfriends playing bridge, exploring Sapelo Island, the Reynolds Plantation, visiting the smallest church in America and eating more shrimp. Heaven!

In the Bible, prior to being crowned king, David danced publicly after a victory over his enemies. Though I have recently danced in the moonlight on South Carolina’s coast, I want to get back to Scotland where I may dance in the moonlight after a successful day of fly-fishing. Next year perhaps? Right now, however, I am looking forward to “Walking On Sunshine” (by Katrina and the Waves) with five Savannah girlfriends and finding a few shells to add to my collection, eating more shrimp, getting good cards and sharing great stories. Thank you God for all your generosity.

Happy summer and Happy Father’s Day!!



Susan E. Kendrick is a Sunday Stories columnist who shares her insights and Southern humor each month in Sincerely, Susan. To correspond with Susan, email her at [email protected] To share your events for our Out & About calendar, email us at [email protected]

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