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Flea Market Flip: Reviving a 1950s Glass Storage Jar

Melissa Baskette • Feb 25, 2014 at 9:51 AM

Here is my latest flea market flip.

A neighbor, cleaning out his basement, found this dirty old 1950s storage jar complete with the original lid. Knowing I love old treasures, he gave this jar to me and I was delighted with it.

I cleaned it up by washing it in hot soapy water with just a bit of bleach, rinsed and dried it well. I painted the outside of the lid. I found some pretty paper to match the paint.

You can use any paper with an interesting pattern or graphic; i.e. vintage wallpaper, an old map, vintage clothing pattern envelope, or scrapbook paper. Using a scrapbooking circle cutter, I cut a circle to fit the top of the lid. I applied it to the lid with Mod Podge and allowed it to dry.

I then sealed the entire outside of the lid with non-yellowing clear protective spray (I use Krylon Satin Finish 1323).

Another option for sealing is to apply the Mod Podge over the paper and the painted edge of the lid and allow it to dry. Do keep in mind, though, that neither method is waterproof, so the lid should not be immersed in water if you apply paper.

For cleaning, you would wipe with a slightly damp cloth. I am using my jar for display purposes only; thus, the lid will not need to be immersed in water. In the ‘after’ photo, the jar holds some old metal flower frogs – a unique way to display an interesting collection.

I hope you like this project. Feel free to email me at melissabaskette@embarqmail.com if you have any questions or comments.

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