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Fun for all at Downtown Game Night in Greeneville

Staff Report • Feb 18, 2014 at 10:35 AM

“I’m bored!” Parents everywhere are familiar with this cry, but it has echoed throughout Greeneville and


County more frequently as this winter has brought “cabin fever” to many residents due to record low temperatures and maxed out school closings. Many parents have begun looking for safe, indoor, family entertainment that will not break

the bank.

Downtown Game Night, a free event sponsored by



Church, will be held Saturday, February 22, and Saturday, March 1, beginning at 7:00 pm. The event is open to

the community, and all ages are encouraged to attend. “Please don’t stay home because you think that your four year old is too young, or that your 15 year old won’t enjoy it”, said Marlene Crum, a member of Reformation Lutheran Church, “We will have board games and card games available for all ages, and it is a great opportunity to get out of

the house, reconnect with your family, and maybe meet some new friends.”

The Game Nights will begin with Bingo at 7:00 pm where small prizes will be awarded to

the winners. There will also be many fun and easy to learn board and card games available for all ages. Participants are encouraged to start games of

their own or join games already in progress. Families can play together, compete against other families, or children can join a game with a group of

their peers. “We are trying to keep

the event as non-structured as possible so families are able to move around, talk to others, or enjoy some refreshments”, Crum said. Light refreshments including, popcorn, chips, candy and drinks will be provided each night.

Members of



Church have been eager to try an event such as this after

the success of

their Free Family Fun Day event last summer. “We had a great turnout this summer”, said Kathy Knight, leader of

the Witness and Evangelism Committee at



Church. “It made us realize that families in Greeneville are looking for affordable ways to spend quality time toge

ther. We are hoping that Downtown Game Night will provide that while also helping to strengthen family and community bonds.”

Studies show that playing board games can help educate children and teach social skills such as following rules, taking turns and communication. Playing games can also help develop problem solving skills, increase self- esteem and teach good sportsmanship. Crum, a former Child Behavior Specialist agrees with

the findings. “I have seen children’s behavior improve and

their self-esteem grow just through playing games. It is a great opportunity for parents to learn about and connect with

their children.”



Church is located at 400 West Main Street in Greeneville.

For more information, contact

the church office at 423-638-4627.

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