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Eric Myers' Man of the House - Check-Out Reminders

Eric Myers • Feb 19, 2014 at 9:28 AM

I have written often of the differences between men and women and how those differences translate into differing parenting styles. After all, our decision-making processes are different, our mental processing (in general) is different, and how we respond to situations and events are different. Although moms and dads differ in gender, they will each experience similar situations happening as they raise their children. Seeing how each responds can be quite comical. Let me list a few examples.

I'm sure most moms have accidentally purchased apple cider vinegar at the store thinking it was apple juice. No? You don't think so? Even though they are sold right next to one another on the shelf? Are you saying only dads would miss that one? Hmmmm. Maybe. I caught my mistake when I took my first drink - it was an eye-opener!

Would moms use a bathroom automatic hand dryer to dry their child's bottom like in the movie Mr. Mom? I'd say that one's at least a 'maybe'. I'm sure most moms would argue that they would have the necessary supplies with them and therefore would never find themselves in a position to have to use an automatic hand dryer on their child. Sound argument. You might be right. But I do know at least one grown women who had to shove a diaper down her own pants to pee because she got caught in traffic and couldn't make it to a bathroom. Trust me, that would never happen to a man. So, this can go both ways.

A recent one happened to me at the grocery store. I was buying blueberries. The blueberries were packaged in those plastic 8oz containers that snap shut at the front two corners. I took them, along with the other items I was purchasing, to the self-checkout and commenced with my scanning.

When I held the blueberries up to the scanner, to my surprise, they didn't scan. Now, I'm not exactly sure what a woman would do at this moment but I moved the container around a bit in front of the red beaming light in order to catch the label. No luck. I don't need help with this, I figured, this is a container of blueberries! So I began moving the container up and down in a different attempt to catch the light's eye. The problem was when I moved the container downward I went so far down that it actually hit that flat part where you place produce to weigh it. Can you guess what happened? Yep, that bump was enough to pop the lid open and, since the front of the container was pointing downward, 8oz's of blueberries poured everywhere.

The self-checkout staff person came to my aid and helped me restock my container and, fortunately, there was no one waiting behind me. She then offered to exchanged my container for a new one but to her horror I declined. "You don't want a new one?" she asked me. "No. I'm good," I said. "I'm going to wash these off at home anyway so it's no big deal. Do you wash your berries before you eat them?" I asked her. "Yes, I do," she offered. But it was a confused response. I could tell her logical brain was seeing the utility of my taking these home but her moral, checkout, 'I've seen what gets placed on that scanner', brain found it repugnant. "Enjoy your blueberries," she smiled and said.

I think we both ended up with a story on that one. Further, I was reminded that dads will make different decisions than moms but, hey, I'm a man. Enjoy your fruit smoothie!

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