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Saxon Clark Enterprises: See It! Feel It! Live It!

Collin Brooks • Feb 11, 2014 at 9:29 AM

A friendly and cohesive group that can handle all your residential or commercial building needs, that's what Saxon Clark Enterprises brings to an area that captivated them.

Donnie Saxon, a native of Georgia, visited the area seven years ago. Loving it so much, he decided to buy a home and commute from Florida because of the beautiful mountains and the people that inhabit them.

"The people treated me so well when I got here, I wanted to give back," Saxon said of Kingsport. "Because this is a service-oriented business, we just want to show people what we think service is all about."

Saxon Clark Enterprises is a one-stop shop: buying and selling real estate, building custom homes, remodeling homes and offices, property management and interior design.

"We decided to take more of a turn-key approach to real estate," said partner Andrew Allen, who was born and raised in Kingsport. "We are here to handle whatever the client's needs may be, from residential to commercial leasing, facility management, or simple service calls."

"It gives the client one contact, whether they want their home sold, remodeled, renovated, refurnished or redesigned," partner Mike Norris said.

The group recently moved into the aptly-renamed Saxon Clark Building in Downtown Kingsport. Located at 555 East Main Street, the building also houses "Lofts on Main" - secured, second-floor apartment rentals.

"Having multiple offices in one building allows our group to keep a handle on the quality, and a finger on the pulse of the business," Saxon said.

And this isn't the group's first foray in the home improvement business. Norris has been involved in many local, large construction projects for over 29 years. Allen has a nine-year background in real estate and construction. Saxon and Tom Clark have successfully owned and operated Saxon Clark Interiors in Central Florida for over 18 years, providing remodeling, interior design and home furnishings nationwide.

"Our Florida company has been, and is, very successful and it continues to operate under our partner and general manager Jason Baird," Saxon said. "Saxon Clark Enterprises is not just an extension because it significantly adds more to something we were already doing."

Besides the successful business philosophy and great customer service, the group also brought its slogan to East Tennessee: "See It! Feel It! Live It!'

"Our client approach is anything we do starts with a vision. We both need to see it. We both need to feel it, to know it's right and what we want (product and cost). Then, they get to live it because it becomes a part of their daily lives and is just what they wanted. That just says it all," Saxon said.

With a vision in tow, Saxon and Clark continue commuting to Kingsport. After purchasing several homes and working on projects through mutual friends, a partnership with Norris and Allen became a natural. They all shared the same vision and business principles. The relationship was a positive pairing of goals and ideas.

"I like the word team, but we call it a group because we feel like we are in a professional, multi-talented group of people. The group makes the decisions," Saxon said. "It's the group effort that makes it work. Each one of our expertise is different."

"These guys are my friends more than they are partners in business. In any relationship, you have to be good friends first," Norris said. "There is a cohesive thought of how we do things."

Norris is the overseer of the new project design center that helps the customer build their dream home from the ground up, or remodel their current home. Whether it's residential or commercial, there is no job too big or small.

"The new Saxon Clark Real Estate Group was founded upon the very use of those principles," Tom Clark said. "Our unique approach to real estate is a good way to do business but also a catalyst for long-term relationships. We are proud to have Debbie Page as our Tennessee Principal Broker and Joana Hoover as our Virginia Principal Broker. They are both from the area and have significant experience to share."

Saxon Clark Enterprises was opened in Kingsport on Jan. 1, 2013. Later in the year, the building was purchased to be the home of their enterprise. Now, after a significant building remodel and the opening of Saxon Clark Real Estate Group, they are looking forward to additional property management and interior design coming soon.

"When I came down here and saw this building, I was so excited to see the revitalization and opportunity that lay ahead," Saxon said.

"We aren't here to be the biggest. We are here to be the best and the response we've gotten is incredible. The warm welcome is just great and I thank everyone for it."

For more information on Saxon Clark Enterprises or to search for homes, visit www.SCEHomes.com. You can also call 423-765-9118 or stop by and see the guys in their newly-remodeled building.

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