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Kingsport's YMCA Day Camp in top 5 % of Y camps in the country

staff report • May 5, 2013 at 2:24 PM

KINGSPORT — The Greater Kingsport Family YMCA’s summer day camp has been ranked in the top 5 percent of “high impact camps” in the country.

In 2012, Seer Analytics, LLC, an independent research firm based in Tampa, Fla., conducted a nationwide study of 126 YMCA day camps. The prime objective of the study was to measure the extent to which each of the camps improved the overall well-being of the campers.

Each camp was measured on nine dimensions ranging from improving health and wellness to fostering relationships, developing character and more.

Seer surveyed more than 75,000 camper households and collected more than 12,000 parent responses in the largest, most comprehensive study of this kind in the history of the YMCA.

“Kingsport performed particularly well in building the sense of achievement and self-efficacy in its campers,” said Bill Lazarus, PhD, CEO of Seer. “The research showed that challenging young people to build their self-confidence has positive ripple effects on all the dimensions of well-being. It was a real pleasure to call Charlie Glass, the Kingsport Y’s longtime leader, to share the news that his was among a handful of stand-out camps across the country.”

“It was a real bolt-out-of-the blue to hear from Bill,” said Glass. “The Y is about improving the well-being of our participants and communities; that’s what we mean by ‘having an impact.’ And that’s why it was so exciting for us to learn that we are having a measurable impact and that our camp is statistically among the top performers across the whole country!”

Sarah Anne Walker is day camp director for the Kingsport Y.

“We are committed to finding the best camp counselors we can; inspiring camper and counselor team work in everything we do; providing a safe, and fun experience; and making sure it’s available to any child who wants to participate,” she said. “This is a formula we’ve followed here in Kingsport for nearly 30 years, and it keeps kids and counselors alike coming back year after year.”

For more information on camp, visit ymcakpt.org or call (423) 247-9622.

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