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Feline Fixing celebrates World Spay Day

staff report • Feb 18, 2013 at 8:40 AM

The second meeting of the Tri-Cities Feline Fixing, an organization designed around the care of stray and feral cats, will be held at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 26. The meeting, which will celebrate World Spay Day 2013, will be held at the Animal Resource Center, 3030 Highway 126, Blountville.Groups or individuals who are interested or presently involved with stray and feral cats in our area of East Tennessee are welcome. The main focus of the meeting will be trapping, spay, neuter, return or TNR along with the low-cost surgery options available at the present time.The organization’s goals are the formation of a citizens-based resource committee for helping homeless and feral cats; assisting area feline organizations that now manage a large amount of the population of the stay and feral cats in the Tri-Cities; and working toward ending pet overpopulation in the Tri-Cities by encouraging spaying and neutering of companion animals and feral cats.Volunteers are needed.Those attending the meeting are asked to bring a bag, any size, of aluminum cans for Holly Help Spay. The recycling of the aluminum cans will help pay for the 101 spays and neuters Holly Help will perform in observance of World Spay Day in February.Door prizes, including a free cat neuter at the ARC Center, will be provided by Paw-Purr P.E.T.S.Refreshments will be served.If you are unable to come but want to help e-mail pawpurrpets@aol.com

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