Pay scale approved by Hawkins County BOE will cost system $92,000

Jeff Bobo • Sep 11, 2011 at 11:56 AM

ROGERSVILLE — Last week the Hawkins County Board of Education approved a new salary scale that gives hourly employees step increases for up to 25 years of experience, replacing the current scale which tops out in pay after five years.

The change will cost the system slightly more than $92,000 to implement during the 2011-12 fiscal year, but now requires the final approval of the Hawkins County Commission.

The proposal is expected to go before the commission’s Budget Committee for consideration on Sept. 19.

Director of Schools Charlotte Britton told the Times-News Sunday that the new salary scale will require an amendment to the 2011-12 fiscal year school budget, and the $92,000 needed to bring employees’ pay up to the new salary scale would be taken from the school system’s undesignated fund balance.

Non-certified employees from seven departments will be affected by the proposed new salary scale.

“There were employees who had topped out on a pay scale that ended with five years of experience, and this is providing an annual step increase for those employees for additional years of experience,” Britton said. “The current pay scale was approved in 2004-05, and the years experience had only gone through five years, so at the end of last year is when folks would have topped out. If you had five years of experience you are making the same salary from that time on.

“The new salary scale stops at 20 years of experience, and then it jumps again at 25.”

The proposal was approved unanimously by the BOE on Thursday.

In other business Thursday, the BOE approved Charles Fuller to remain board chairman and Randy Collier to remain vice chairman. There were no other nominees for those seats.

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