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Drive! 2017 summit sets stage for success

By Katherine Scoggins • Updated Apr 20, 2017 at 10:45 AM

Maybe you want a better life. More time with your kids. More opportunity, advancement and wealth. Maybe you just want to live a life with more meaning and work with purpose. Whatever drives you, whatever that want is, you can have it.

Drive! 2017 is the summit designed for women like you - women who are ready to achieve more.

“At Drive! 2017, we’ll all learn from the experts on the stage, but we’ll also learn from each other,” said Pamela Corrigan whose company GAAM Wealth Advisors is a founding sponsor. “There’s so much wisdom, and women are sharers by nature, I thought, ‘What a great opportunity to get together and win together.”

The day and a half event is packed full with acclaimed speakers sure to inspire everyone in attendance. Highlights include Aundrea Wilcox, author of “Startup Savvy” and “Superwoman Smarts.” She’ll show how to grow your business and yourself. Leslie Michelson will present “How to Save Your Life and the Lives of Those You Love: Lessons from the Patient’s Playbook.” Mandy Barton, author of the acclaimed “Step One, Jump: How to Cut the Crap Already and Get the Life You Really Want” will challenge everyone to dream and go for that dream with no nonsense next steps. Kathy Heasley, founder and president of branding firm Heasley & Partners and creator of Heart & Mind Branding, will illustrate how to be the brand we need to become to achieve our goals.

The value of this conference for the development of women leaders, and for the Tri-Cities area itself, packs a lot of power.

Wilcox is the senior business counselor of the Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC) at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) Kingsport Affiliate Office, and executive director of the Kingsport Office of Small Development & Entrepreneurship (KOSBE) at the Kingsport Chamber of Commerce. She has assisted over 1,600 individuals or businesses, and has contributed to creating 692 new jobs, raising $11.4 million for local companies.

Michelson, chairman and CEO of Private Health Management, delivers a message all women need to hear. Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Time, on CNN, NPR and more, Michelson said his mission at Drive! 2017 is to show women life-saving strategies and decision-making tools to empower them when it comes to their families and their own health.

“We’ll cover things like how to get better medical care without spending more, how to find the right specialists, and how to take charge of emergencies” Michelson said.

Barton said she couldn’t be more excited to speak at Drive! 2017.

“I’ve found that women spend so much of their lives taking care of everyone else’s needs that they forget how to take care of their own. They forget how to have their own dreams,” said Barton, who has helped countless women get the lives they really want. “My mission at Drive! will be to help you realize that you should have dreams, and give you simple tools to achieve them.”

Heasley builds brands for companies large and small and is quick to point out that the same techniques that companies use to achieve success are what women can use to achieve success, too. “The question is, are you the brand that you want to be; the brand that will take you where you want to go? You’ll begin to discover your brand at Drive! 2017,” Heasley said.

The Drive! 2017: Summit for Driven Women in Business will be held April 28-29 at Model City Event Center, located at 201 East Center Street in Downtown Kingsport. Proceeds from the event go to Holston Home for Children and SBK Animal Shelter. Registration is $109 at the door; $79 before April 22. Register online at www.DriveWomensSummit.com.

Interested in projecting a more professional image and style makeover? To be considered for this and get more information, visit the Facebook page for DRIVE Women's Summit.

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