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Scholar-Athlete Spotlight: Sullivan North's Josh Anderson

Douglas Fritz • May 6, 2018 at 10:28 PM

Our spring sports Scholar-Athlete Spotlight offers some of today’s brightest high school athletes to answer several random questions. Some of the questions will be challenging, some will be lighthearted and some will be serious.

The Josh Anderson File

Senior at Sullivan North High School

Baseball, RF, LF, P

• GPA: 3.95

• ACT: 27

• Favorite Netflix movie: “Talladega Nights”

• Favorite song: “Five More Minutes” by Scotty McCreery

• Favorite food: A large steak, preferably a rib-eye

• People I admire: Papaw Johnny and my late Papaw Wayne because of their character and work ethic.

• College choice: ETSU

Interesting Facts

• Likes to fish

• Likes disc golf and hiking

• Enjoys hanging out with friends

The Four Questions

1. Upon graduating from college, you are offered two 20-year jobs. In one, your boss will be extremely demanding, very mean, and will not give you specific days off even for important family matters. You will make $100,000 a year. In the other job, your boss will be kind, complimentary, and let you have a high degree of control of your schedule. You will make $50,000 a year. Which job do you take and why?

“From my limited life experience, while the old cliché is true ‘money doesn’t buy happiness,’ it does act as a significant influence. Many important decisions made in life are based around money, and it even influences how comfortable someone’s life may be.

“However, if presented this situation, I would choose the $50,000 job for several reasons. Twenty years is a long time period. Having an extremely mean and demanding boss constantly weighing on your shoulders for 20 years seems like it would not be worth the extra $50,000 annually. Instead, I would rather enjoy coming to work each day with a purpose, and have a boss who felt more like a leader opposed to someone who constantly put me down and criticized me. If nothing else, I could hopefully find ways to excel at said company, ‘climb the ladder,’ and maybe even one day be in the same shoes as the man who originally hired me.”

2. You have agreed to be a volunteer coach for youth sports. One is a boys team, the best in the league, with very coachable kids and great parents who stay out of the way. The other is a girls team. They don’t know the sport very well and all of them come from broken homes. But they are hungry to learn the game and in need of a good role model. Which team do you pick and why?

“Coaching youth sports is a great way to give back to the community. It can give a great sense of accomplishment as the kids slowly develop not only into better players but into better people. That said, I would choose to coach the girls’ team. If God presented that opportunity in my life, I would be honored to step up and do my best to fill that role. I would love to be the one to teach them the game and be someone they can look up to as a coach and as a friend.”

3. After making good business decisions, at age 45 you have amassed enough of a fortune to become owner of a professional sports franchise. Because of your wealth, you can pick any team from the NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL. Which team would you pick, and what is the first thing you would do to improve the franchise?

“If I was to invest in a professional sports team, I would definitely buy the Tennessee Titans franchise. I grew up watching the Titans and it would be fun to own them and hopefully make decisions that turn them into the next dynasty. The first thing I would do as owner is clean house with the coaches and bring in fresh new faces to the coaching staff — guys who I felt like could really turn the program into the next 1980s 49ers.”

4. Your high school principal shows you a list of five seniors he thinks are headed down the wrong road in life because of alcohol use, poor attitude or anger issues. He asks you to speak at graduation and wants you to find a not-so-obvious way to encourage these specific boys and girls. What could you say in your speech?

“I would talk about surrounding themselves with positive influences — always hanging out with the right people and trying to find that one person who they can look up to as a mentor and as a role model.”

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